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'05-'15 Tacoma Heavy Duty Steering Tie Rods

'05-'15 Tacoma Heavy Duty Steering Tie Rods

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A-Arm Length


These are modified tie rods that improve performance compared to the stock tie rods. If you have oversized tires and/or lockers this is a solution to resist tie rod failure when crawling or climbing. Sold as a pair. 

The kit includes:

  • Land Cruiser Inner and Outer Tie Rods
  • Spacer for Outer Tie Rod Stud

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Install Information

The Land Cruiser Outer Tie Rods have a different taper than the stock Tacoma. The stock spindle must be reamed out to a 1:10 taper. We can service your spindles or we also sell spindles that we pre-ream. Spindles must be shipped to us for service.


Customer understands that these modifications will void any factory warranties related to steering components. By purchasing these products buyer assumes all risks associated with vehicle modifications. 

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